Thank you for agreeing to have an AR/AC Tutor in your classroom! The primary goal of the Iowa State University America Reads/America Counts program is to provide support for students’ reading and mathematical capabilities.

You should know that your AR/AC tutor:

  • Was subject to a Sex Offender Registry check
  • Has been interviewed by the AR/AC staff
  • May not be an education major
  • Participated in AR/AC training sessions
  • Arrives with enthusiasm, many talents, and is eager to work with the children
  • Is allowed to tutor in math through 8th grade and reading through 6th grade

We encourage you to

  • Take time to get to know your AR/AC Tutor (it may be helpful to exchange phone numbers or email addresses)
  • Create a game plan with which both of you are comfortable
  • Discuss classroom rules
  • Designate a place for the AR/AC Tutor to place their belongings
  • Discuss dress code

One Final Note

An important factor in the success of the ISU America Reads/America Counts Program is to promote a positive and productive teacher-tutor working relationship. If you have any questions of concerns about the performance of your AR/AC tutor, the staff will be happy to discuss the situation and, if necessary, make staffing changes to your classroom.