Student Employee Supervisor of the Year Award Guidelines

We are excited to recognize the efforts of those working directly with our hourly student employees with the introduction of the Student Employee Supervisor of the Year award. The goal of this award is to recognize the invaluable work of those in direct supervisory roles of hourly student employees. Acting as role models, mentors, coaches, and providing career readiness education outside the classroom. Student employees or colleagues may nominate supervisors who work with hourly student employees that they feel should be considered for the Student Employee Supervisor of the Year recognition.

Nominations will be judged on the following characteristics: mentoring, professionalism, and leadership provided to the student employee.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Nominees must be currently employed at Iowa State University.
  2. Nominees must hold a full time, salary position.
  3. Nominees must currently and directly supervise an hourly student employee.
  4. Individuals who supervise salary employees are not eligible.

If you wish to nominate a supervisor, please complete the online nomination form and submit it by February 1st, 2024. The nomination form can be found in an attached Qualtrics form and requires an uploaded nomination in the form of a letter, limited to two pages. You may nominate more than one supervisor for this award by completing a separate nomination form for each individual supervisor.

You may nominate more than one supervisor for this award by completing a separate nomination form for each individual supervisor. 

The nomination letter should include a summary of the following:

  1. The nominee’s greatest attributes, as they relate to their supervision.
  2. How the nominee has gone above and beyond the standard work expectations as a supervisor.
  3. The quality of the nominee’s work and work style.
  4. The nominee’s leadership skills, initiative, and motivation.
  5. The impact the nominee has held on your student employees.
  6. The qualities of the nominee that set them apart from other student employee supervisors.

Please note that additional materials will not be considered. The information you provide may be shared with the public through press releases and other promotional opportunities.


November 16th: Nomination form goes live 

February 1st: Nominations due at 11:59 P.M. 

February 21st & 22nd: Winner Selection Meeting  

March 20th: Award Reception 


Plans to celebrate all our nominees with a reception are in the works!  


The winner from Iowa State University will be entered in a regional and national competition with the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators and National Student Employment Association. 

For additional information please contact Tricia Stouder ( or Taylor Lelonek (

For more information on how to recognize hourly student employees, visit here! SEOTY