A student employee helps a recreation services user with proper stretch techniques.

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Sandwich Work Between Classes

Jobs on campus provide flexible schedules as campus employers hold a student first mentality meaning you prioritize academic responsibilities first

An ISU Dining student employee making a sandwich at the Lance and Ellies venue.

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Iowa State students hold part-time employment while in school.

  • Student Job Board

    Are you a student looking for a part-time job or an employer looking to advertise a position? Visit here to learn more about utilizing the Student Job Board at ISU.

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  • Resources for Employers

    Student employee supervisors looking for new hires or resources for supporting your role as a role model or mentor? Check out the great resources available to you right here on

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  • Resources for Students

    Working a part-time job during our time on campus offers much more than just a paycheck. Click here to learn more about the student employment experience here at ISU.

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    Looking for additional resources or can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit here for additional contact information to help answer common student employment questions.

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Work on Your Turf

Student employees working on campus join an immediate support system of supervisors, colleagues and friends which can support networking efforts.


Students on campus can expect to earn a competitive hourly wage while establishing valuable professional skills and connections.